DR KATE ROSS: Do you call a glass of water half empty or half full?

COWLEY: If it was a small glass and it had malt whisky in it, I’d say it was half empty.

Exchange from “Wild Justice”

Listening to Macklin.


Listening to Macklin.

Just a slightly random collection of smaller pics I had of Bodie, Doyle and Cowley.


Who’s the most important person in Bodie’s life?

Thanks to jothehat again. 

Pros Fanvid - Pieces of Heaven by vidderzed



Bodie and Doyle - I Turn To You, a fanvid by inlovewithboth

BODIE: He had a .38 on Doyle; what was I supposed to do?
Line from “Involvement”

Some spoof romance novel covers I made for the Pros fandom a few years ago.

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